What the heck is CIRS?

Have you had a chronic illness that has gone unexplained, and your doctors don’t really know what to do with you? Have you been bounced around and the mainstream tests tell you nothing? Have you had what feels like an infection with fatigue and brain fog but no one can tell you why? Have you ever had water damage in your home, office, car, dorm, etc? Then you might have CIRS, and most doctors don’t know anything about it. So, how can you get your life back?

CIRS Introduction – Getting Started
I’ve got CIRS, What’s Next?

You get your life back by taking control of your own health care. I know it’s hard to face, but your doctor isn’t trained in a lot of the new medicine that is available. Why? It isn’t profitable to cure people anymore…so why would pharmaceutical companies invest in cures, when they can invest in lifelong treatment that keeps you half sick, half alive, and declining in quality of life.

I highly recommend watching this CIRS lecture series given by Dr Andrew Heyman, as well as some books, if you feel well enough. I would start with Dr Neil Nathan in his book TOXIC, but get some tissues if you relate to any of the case studies…seriously, I balled my eyes out but it was cathartic, and I eventually got my big girl panties and made it through. Here are links to Neil Nathans book TOXIC and some other helpful books, keep in mind that used books can cause reactions in some people, or may come from a moldy environment. I had to throw away hundreds of used books.

Here is a helpful PDF from survivingmold.com https://www.survivingmold.com/docs/UNDERSTANDING_CIRS_EDITV2A.PDF

and last but not least, Better Health Guy has a podcast with lots of content, some of which pertains to CIRS. Why would I remake the wheel when he has done such a great job? Here are the episodes I love on CIRS, but don’t stop there….he has tons of great content so dive on in.

Episode 138 https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/betterhealthguy-blogcasts/id1213062593?i=1000506325337

Episode 137 https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/betterhealthguy-blogcasts/id1213062593?i=1000504898839

Episode 129 https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/betterhealthguy-blogcasts/id1213062593?i=1000494096072

If you are on FB, the only reason Im still there is for the chronic illness community. Join the CIRS groups and ask members for doctors near you. Keep in mind, you might have to travel hours to see a competent trained CIRS physician, and many have stopped taking insurance…you can imagine why.

Also, register for my newsletter and I will let you know as soon as our community goes live. It will be AWESOMELY supportive and informative.

Hugs until next time, Anne

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