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  • What the heck is CIRS?

    What the heck is CIRS?

    What the heck is CIRS anyway? How could chronic inflammation be at the root of my illness?

  • Where Is Everyone?

    Where Is Everyone?

    Something I personally experienced (and I hear it mentioned over and over) is the fact that those of us facing (or have faced) an ambiguous illness / chronic illness end up somewhat isolated. Whether we are truly sitting home alone or are surrounded by people who dont understand or dont believe us…the result is the […]

  • Not So Chronic

    Not So Chronic

    So many of us have had “uncurable” illness, where the medical establishment pins a name on it and manages symptoms for life. The number of us with “black box diagnosis” or something pegged on mental health disorders. There is a lot of profit in treatable symptoms but not much profit in effective cures. One-shot cures […]