Anne Goggans
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I love to share the skills learned during my recovery from chronic illness. Empowering the community to take ownership over their own health and recovery.

To me, owning our trials is the first step to rising above them.

I enjoy sharing my journey to recovery, as it brings light to a dark path.

When facing ambiguous health and life challenges, one of the most difficult situations was to find that I no longer related to the friends I once had. One day I looked around and realized that I felt isolated, alone. The people around me did not identify with me anymore, and many didn’t even believe my illness was real. Who could blame them, my life was a minefield.


QHHT Level 2 Hypnosis

I am a QHHT hypnosis practitioner intern and work with those on a path to healing trauma and illness, or who are just curious to know more.

Anne Goggans
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This is my one long article. It whooshes over everything. don’t feel you need to read it all, …

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