Preparing for a QHHT Session

It is important that you feel safe and connected for your session, so I am here to answer any questions you may have. When you arrive, we will go over your list of questions and concerns to be addressed during your session. We will also get to know one another so that when your session begins, you will feel safe and comfortable. This will allow you to go into the deepest level trans, and will allow your conscious mind to step aside without hesitation. This will provide you with the best outcome for your session. Not all QHHT sessions give us the results we expect, but from my experience they give us the results that best suit us on our path to personal growth. Again, I am happy to take time to go over any questions you may have. So, feel free to reach out.

“Don’t forget your list. Make a list for your session. It will be a list of questions you would like answered, issues you would like addressed, and problems you would like solved. They can be related to health, love, career, life purpose, etc. Think over your list and we will go over it before your session.” -Anne

Clients often ask me what they can do to prepare for their upcoming QHHT session. While going into a trans state is very natural, it is much easier if we have released tension and anxiety. It also helps to open the heart to brain connection and get out of the left brain. The conscious mind will step aside and allow the higher self (via the subconscious mind) to come through. Make sure to read the information on the hypnosis tab above to get an overall understanding of QHHT hypnosis.

Meditation is not only a healthy practice, but it is a great method to prepare for your hypnosis session. It can help clear the mind, open the heart, and allow a good clear connection to the higher self. I suggest this video by Greg Braden to give you the technique to use during meditation. Your homework is to watch this video, and then practice the meditation every day for a week. You can do it longer, or even indefinitely for the best impact. A minimum would be for 3 days, but again…more is better. I suggest a minimum of 10 minutes if you are pinched for time up to an hour if you have extra time. Developing a clear connection and opening the heart is a great way to prepare for your QHHT session

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