Calm and Rest Supplements


Keeping our cool not only feels better, but it helps us sleep better and we can also work to balance our fight response and kick it into rest and relax. There is scientific evidence showing that meditation actually changes the brain. There is also evidence showing that calming the nervous system can affect the immune system. The act of feeling better and more relaxed has been proven to enhance our immunity! What better reason to take care of ourselves not only to feel better, but to claim our best health. This isn’t as easy when we are in the middle of an illness or life trauma. Not only is our energy drained, but life can be in turmoil that is the most important time to check in with our chill side. Here are some of the supplements I use to help cool things down in my system.


Gaba is known to calm the nerves and help center the mind. This is a great video by Nootropics Expert with the info you’ll need before getting started. He is very knowledgeable and helpful. It is even good for people who have issues with glutamate. found we do not take a smaller quantity, as your mileage may vary. I currently use Kirkman GABA. We take it morning and night, but some people will only want to use it at night before bed. It plays well at night with Melatonin, 5-htp, l-theanine, and the herbs I use for rest and relaxation. Please make sure to watch the above video before using it, as everyone is different. I won’t re-publish information here that Nootropics expert already covered well. Link in image to the iHerb GABA I use.

L Theanine is another great supplement we use. We find it helps our focus and calmness. Here is another Nootropics Expert video on L-Theanine as well as the iHerb link to the product.

5-htp has been a great addition and is a staple for us. The only issue I know of is that it can affect serotonin, so make sure to ask your doctor if you are on an anti-depressant. I get mine here Some people find this works better than melatonin for them, because melatonin is synthetic and some people don’t process the supplement properly but they do fine with 5-htp. My husband likes taking this, but does not like taking melatonin. So again, Your mileage may vary. Again, I like Nootropic Experts take on this.


Melatonin has been used widely to help sleep, but newer research points it out as a neuprotective supplement as well. Melatonin is a hormone that is secreted by the pineal gland. To date, melatonin is known to regulate the sleep cycle by controlling the circadian rhythm. However, recent advances in neuroscience and molecular biology have led to the discovery of new actions and effects of melatonin. In recent studies, melatonin was shown to have antioxidant activity and, possibly, to affect the development of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). In addition, melatonin has neuroprotective effects and affects neuroplasticity, thus indicating potential antidepressant properties. In the present review, the new functions of melatonin are summarized and a therapeutic target for the development of new drugs based on the mechanism of action of melatonin is proposed.

Her is Nootropics Experts take on Melatonin. I get mine here

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