Art Journaling Supplies

Hello my lovelies, Here is a good long discussion of my art journaling supplies. I will come back in a bit to share links to products discussed in the video. Art has been a great method of recovery for me, and has helped me keep my equilibrium and find my joy through hard times. If you want to create, and are on a budget…..then create anyway. if you must use the crayons from your kids classrooom and a number 2 pencil, then do it! If you can only get copy paper and leftover paint-by-number paint cups…then do it!

I grew up a poor little girl on a little farm in the middle of nowhere. I drew on the back of used Nabisco white cardboard signs. In other words, use what you got, and splurge when you can.

This is a long one, and Ive got my hypnosis voice on until i think to switch it off.

As promised, here are some supplies you can use to get started. These are at Dick Blick

If you prefer, or think you would prefer a more fluid paint, rather than a firm one, then Nova Color might be for you. They are an American owned and made company. Click here to save on a bundle.

These are on Amazon

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