A Native American Life

So many of us carry trauma with us, especially sensitive hearts. We protect ourselves by wrapping up the trauma or pain in a blanket and tucking it deep inside without even realizing it. What if you carried that tucked-away trauma for lifetimes. Well, many of the sessions I have had relate to trauma tucked away that we feel, but have no idea what it is from. Is it even ours, or are we carrying it for someone else? It is hard to tell, but one thing I love about the QHHT method of hypnosis is that we can get to the roots of issues like stored pain and trauma in the body and release it. When we release the stored trauma, the pain associated with it can also release. That has been my understanding and what I have seen in sessions.

One example was a client who went back to be a Native American child. She was playing in a grassy field and walking toward an old town. The town was described as having tin roofs and wooden exteriors. Her people did not live in the town, her people were migratory and had teepees and huts and moved from place to place. The children were scolded for playing too close to the town, especially the older child. She loved playing in the grassy field. It was an innocent time, and it was hard to pry her away from those carefree days to learn more. The children were fascinated by the goings on in the town and really didn’t understand the fear and apprehension, until one fateful day.

Well, as we moved forward, the day came when people from the town came to attack and make her people leave their camp. Several were killed and her people were mercilessly driven off. As a child, it seemed she really didn’t understand what was happening, and the actions seemed especially cruel and hateful. As her surviving people migrated, looking for a safe place to settle, they continued to be attacked. Finally the last attack killed her a few years later. The last attacks left an especially painful sting as she saw her close family slaughtered. She felt helpless that she could not stop this from happening, she could not protect those she loved. It was a heavy weight to bear, and the trauma stayed with her. Up until the time of her session, several things in her life were affected by this. Not only the weight of the trauma, but the inability to make a decision. The thought of making a move one way or another was difficult, what would the result be? Seeing any corresponding emotions here?

Sad Girl

We addressed the pain in her back, hips, and teeth as they were “carrying” trauma and the inability to move forward. Some of it was being held clenched in her teeth. She is now free to move forward with her new life without the cycle of trauma from another time, another place. It is time to move forward and do good in this world, it is time to live.

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Much love until next time, Anne

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