Art For the Soul

While I’ve been painting, drawing and photographing the world around me for decades, it wasn’t until my world fell apart that art worked as a soothing tonic. When our 12yo son couldn’t walk and our family was sick, it had disastrous consequences financially, emotionally, and physically. Painting in all forms was a way for my mind to leave everything behind for a little while in a healthy way.

In the beginning I was a realistic representational artist, but as time went on, I didn’t have the commitment to the concentration and time it took to produce a small botanical watercolor. Countless hours became work, which wasn’t my aim. Eventually, I found my own true voice where my mind would clear and the page would seem to flow on its own. That’s the place we aim for to use art as a healing technique. I found myself pouring, smearing, tearing, and mixing for hours of escape. I honestly think it is one factor that kept me sane.

My goal is to share techniques, supplies, and overall knowledge that will help you create without stress. I will share affordable supplies and how I use them. This should reach out to all skill levels, as I have been painting for years but will share beginner tips. There will be video content from my youtube channel, which hasn’t been active for the last couple of years since the mold fiasco. I will link to products I suggest and suppliers I am happy with.

To get started creating your own art journal, try my channel and a couple more that I have enjoyed watching. There are many other forms of art and mediums, but this is a great way to get started as it isn’t intimidating and easy to begin. I have posted links below for you to explore. Also check out my post on art journal supplies. It is full of links to products I enjoy. Please remember that you don’t need any special supplies to get started. If your finances are strapped, then anything will do. Many people successfully journal with “school supplies” such as glue sticks, colored pencils, copy paper, cut up magazines / catalogues, and plain old scissors on printer paper or card stock. With that being said, don’t expect to be able to use a puddle of water on paper that isn’t meant for water…it just isn’t made for that. Again, see my post on journal supplies for suggestions. Enjoy these channels. Till next time, Anne

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